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Compassion and Relief Efforts

This area houses the food pantry, clothing closet, dental clinic and more. Here we provide relief for those in need.

The Food Pantry operates on Tuesdays from 10:00am-2:00pm. We serve all Little Rock Zip Codes, and you can attend the Food Pantry once per month. To make a reservation for the Food Pantry call (501) 396-3333 on Mondays between 10:00am-1:00pm for the following Tuesday.

Clothing Closet: Everyone has a basic need for clothing. We are fortunate to receive many donations and have multiple volunteers to sort them. This gives us the opportunity to work with organizations and ministries in our community to resource them with clothing and small household items. If we are the clothes provider, organizations can spend their valuable time investing in those who benefit from their specific gifts and talents.

Our Clothing Closet serves many roles:

Tuesday 10am-2pm – Our Food Pantry friends have the opportunity to shop during their reservation time.

Wednesday (time varies) – Re-Entry Program Shopping

Thursday 9am-3pm – Donation Drop off and CALL Mall Shopping

**We will begin accepting clothing donations again starting in July**

Dental Clinic

• Our dental clinic opened in August of 2021, and we are starting with extractions as our only procedure. We hope to grow this ministry in the future!

• We are open monthly on the second Friday of each month from 8:00am – 1:00pm. To make an appointment, call (501) 396-3358 and leave a voicemail following the recordings instructions. You will receive a call back within 48 hours to do a pre-screening and schedule and appointment if you qualify.

° Qualifications are:

• No dental insurance

• 18 years or older

• In need of tooth extraction

• If you have any additional questions about the dental clinic, please contact (501) 396-3355

Development Area

This area houses our adult education classrooms and other spaces where we can have classes and one-on-one, life-on-life interaction. This space will also offer us the ability to create space for others in the city who are working towards the same goals to connect and sharpen one another. Lastly, this space will be available to be rented for events in the city, with the proceeds going directly back into the ministries of the City Center.

Adult Education

Our adult education classroom is operated by Pulaski County Special School District (PCSSD). They offer a multitude of classes including GED, Wage Certificates, Career Readiness Certificates, along with many others. Click here to see the full list.

• For more information about our Adult Education courses, please call (501) 396-3356